Interview with Mando, our GNGWC winner19.08.2011

Today we would like to share with you an interview with Mando, the winner of yesterday's tourney.

Hi Mando. First of all we'd like to congratulate you on your victory at the GNGWC tourney.
Could you please introduce yourself?

Ciao :) I'm Mando from Milan. I'm 19 years old and I'm a student in a "liceo scientifico" (similar to a secondary school). I'm playing my M-Gear for more than 2 years now on the server Deneb.

Yesterday we saw you at the finals of the tournament from the GNGWC, where you could secure yourself a ticket to the G-Star. Tell us, how was the final for you?

I had a hard time versus Rgv26, who is a really good player. I already realised during the preliminaries that the field consists only of the top players in Europe. The European Championship tomorrow will be very difficult, for all of us.
However, yesterday's tourney was special, as we received preconstructed Gears and nobody was used to the given setup. It wasn't possible to make any special builds.
Rgv26 with his B-Gear has chosen an aggressive strategy and so I adapted by using a rather defensive strategy. While he shot 10 missiles I only released 2 in the same time, absorbing the damage so that my opponent finished his kit before me. After that, I was in a better position and so I could win both matches.

How do you feel after this victory, after seeing this spectacular show called gamescom and what are your plans for the European Championship tomorrow?

I feel very excited. I'm looking forward for the show tomorrow. After this victory, which I really enjoyed, of course I'm pointing for winning the Championship. And I really would like to have that Alienware PC. :)
But as I already said: the field is very tough, it's really Europe's elite. This is also my very first gamescom and I didn't expect anything like that. It's one huge event!

Well then, we wish you and the other players good luck and hope for a spectactular show at the European Championship.
Thank you for your time.

Thank you too. See you at the Championship. :)

Mando at the final GNGWC

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