Attention all pilots: Halloween briefing21.10.2011

Detailed information for all pilots relating to the start of the Halloween event:
From 20.10 until 11.11, flying pumpkins and bats will be wreaking their havoc. Exceptions: in Poland there will be no pumpkins and the bats did not make it to Germany.

Kill rewards
- Chocolate, sweets and packs - out of which you can create capsules that will contain special Halloween weapons.
- Sweet pumpkin and Halloween Killmarks - which will allow you to build a pumpkin-mark.
- There are the following direct drops: the secondary effect (enables you to shoot pumpkins), kits and two different cards (defence and evasion).

Ghost Hunt
At this bounty hunt, the idea is to shoot the Game Masters who are dressed up as ghosts. The final shot wins!

Ghastly Hours
In this (randomly occurring) time period there will be double
experience: +100% EXP, +100% rare drops and +100% WP!

To make upgrading equipment easier, there will be a credit grant on October 23: simply charge some credits between 18:00 and 20:00 and cash in on 20% extra.

Have a Happy Halloween!

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