All set for launch - It's time to take off!01.07.2011

Hello Pilots!

Here's AirRivals' brand new July newsletter. As of now, we will be sending you Phillon's current news every month: read about what's going on in the AR community and find out about the people behind the game. Operator Gina will also be telling you the best anecdotes about her life as an elite pilot.

Have fun!


Massive parties in Germany, Spain and all other countries

AirRivals is celebrating with Germany and Spain: the third or second birthdays respectively of both countries are being celebrated in style. Of course all other countries won't miss out and will be able to join in on the celebrations. Look out for Happy Hours (EXP, WP and drop rates) and events - as always, details can be found in the launcher and in the forum!

One giant leap for mankind

On the 20th of July 1969 the first manned spaceship landed on the moon, marking the start of a new era. Exactly 42 years later you can celebrate this historical event on Phillon: we're honouring Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin in our very special event, so stay tuned!


On the path to becoming European Champion!

Our preparations for the first official AirRivals European Championship are in full swing: we're organising player combinations, regulating the legal terms and conditions and are continually in contact with our partners in Korea. July promises to be a month of epic air duels. Let's get started!


We'd like to quickly introduce ourselves in our first newsletter. Gameforge has over 450 employees at its headquarters in Karlsruhe. Our team currently consists of the following people:

Martina, our Product Director, is our brigade leader - she's the glue that keeps our team together. Jacqueline and Stefan are in charge of Quality Assurance and are always on the hunt for bugs. Frank and Fu create all the magical things surrounding the game, as they are the games' developers. Wojtek is our system administrator, Salvatore is our game designer. Andreas and Chris are in charge of Community Management, and Lukas writes all of AirRivals' texts. And last but not least, our odd-job girl and general helping hand, our very own elite pilot Gina.

Aside from our core team, we do of course have lots of other pilots that climb into the cockpit to support us during important missions from time to time.

In the next few months we will be introducing you to each individual team member so that you can get to know us a bit better and get a better insight into our daily work.


Hello you lovely people,

I'm Operator Gina - some of you may already know me from my Facebook page.

I'm excited to tell you all about the newest gossip from Phillon.

My last major coup was at the world ranking. My goodness, I was as pleased as punch! But let's start at the beginning: as soon as I found out about the newly installed world ranking boards in the cities, I immediately called Monica and asked her about who was in charge of programming the ranking.

After that it was a piece of cake - Johnny was his name and there was no way he could refuse my request. Well at least we both benefited from it: he was allowed to take me out to dinner (I looked fantastic) and I got first place at the Local World Rankings! I can't help grinning when I look up at that world ranking board. Especially when I'm on my way to Johnny's to pick him up for our next dinner date...

Your Gina

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