World Champions - who's there?12.11.2011

Less than 24h left until the start of the AirRivals World Championship 2011!

In August 2011, we chose Mando as the European Champion in front of 9000 Gamescom visitors in the ESL hall and more than 200.000 viewers of the live stream. He and Phob14 (who got the 2nd place in Europe) qualified for the GNGWC World Championship tomorrow in Busan, South Korea at G-Star.

They are here in Busan since yesterday and already met all the other players, except the Koreans who will arrive this evening. They had some nice dinner yesterday and today, they visited G-Star as well as a Spa in Shinsegae, the worlds biggest department store.

Tomorrow, from 10 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. the worlds best AirRivals players will fight against each other: There are two players each from Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Europe, one from Japan, Russia and Taiwan, and non of the US.

There'll probably be 5 M-Gears, 3 I-Gears, 1 B-Gear and 1 A-Gear, but as there might be some changes of the rules, players will chose their geartype only later. A couple of hours to go, then we'll draw the opponents.

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