World Championship Ladder12.11.2011

Here we go...

We know who's going to be the opponent of of Mando and Ph0b14 at their first match... Guess what happened at the first draw: Mando and Ph0b14 were opponents! Luckily there was another M-Gear versus I-Gear combination, so all players agreed, that they should switch, so that Ph0b14 and Mando won't have to fight against each other (at least in their first match, we hope for another final with those two!).

Ph0b14 will fight against Leo from Vietnam, who plays an M-Gear. Mando will fight against a player from Korea (I-Gear).

As so many players from the other countries couldn't come, there were several lucky numbers. Those players don't need to take the first match at all.

The tournament will start on Sunday, November 13th at 10 a.m. Busan local time. The final is expected for 4.30 p.m.

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Don't forget: If one of our European players grabs the title, you'll get 30% more Credits in the shop on Sunday, the 13th of November between 6 and 8 pm! But if none of our Gamescom heroes wins, shopping will still be worth it as you'll get 15% more Credits anyway!

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