We are the World Champions!15.11.2011

The best pilot in the world is a Gameforge player: congratulations to Ph0b14!

The Portuguese player from emerged victorious at the World Championships in Korea on Sunday.
In August of this year, Ph0b14 and the Italian Mando were facing each other in the final of the European Championships, last weekend they were both fighting at the G-Star in Busan for the title of world's best AirRivals flight ace.

The reigning European Champion Mando was not able to make it to the final, but Ph0b14 managed to deliver an exciting final round playing against Pucca from Vietnam: in a best of three, the first round went undecided, the second for our man from Portugal and the third match went to Pucca. This meant that the match ended in a draw and the two players now share the AirRivals World Champion title.

Happy hour weekend for the whole of Europe!

To celebrate our likeable elite pilots in style, there will be a happy hour that is well worth its while: for the entire weekend, you will receive 150% more experience, rare drops and war points!

In the upcoming newsletter for December we will provide you with all the details and gossip from the tournament –so stay tuned!

Victorious greetings,
Your very proud AirRivals Team

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