All you need to know about the winter event01.12.2011

Short days, long nights - for five weeks at the winter event you'll be able to truly clean up: from 8.12.2011 until 12.1.2012 various monsters will be appearing that will fill your inventory with festive cheer!

The event kicks off with the Santa Cats, that drop Christmas gift boxes with the letters X, M, A and S during the first two weeks. Contained within these boxes are mystery capsules, Christmas messages of blessing, Christmas marks, kits and equipment. On top of this, they carry the first part of the formula: the gift box.

In weeks two and three, the Snowman begins to wreak his havoc, dropping similar items as the cat, more Christmas marks and the second part of the formula: the pretty wrapper.

In the third and fourth weeks, the Crazy Snowman makes his appearance, plump with items and the last part of the formula: the pretty bow. Out of these formula pieces you can create a Christmas gift, which contains kits, hyper cards, weapons and minerals.

In the fifth week things start to get wild: all three monsters fight in unison and get you truly toasty - fill your stockings!

As if this wasn't enough, every Sunday there will also be a snowball fight: when the Choco Boy shows up, there's chocolate, SPI, kits, mineral capsules and much more to be had - go get him!

PS: on 4.12. you'll also be able to upgrade your equipment - from 6pm until 8pm there will be 20% more Credits in the shop.

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