Espionage UFOs on Phillon25.01.2012

Multiple secret sources confirm a terrible suspicion: the Vatallus are moving for war this year! It is not clear at the moment what their exact plan is, but one thing is certain: the entire planet is in great danger!
The recently intercepted radio transmissions tell a clear story: the insidious aliens want to spy on us in order to modify their weapons to perform against our technologies and eradicate us in one final blow. War lies before us, the size of which we can only begin to fathom!

The first wave starts from the 26th of January, where for two weeks the Espionage UFOs will appear on Phillon. The Vatallus thought that their new Tarn technology was perfect and that their ships were invisible, but we managed to crack their codes: the silhouettes of the Espionage UFOs are recognisable to our Gears.

The objective is simple: search and destroy them, before they can gather any information - none of these aircraft can be allowed to leave our airspace! These Vatallus spy-units are of course armed with valuable items, so your hunting will be richly rewarded.

Collect SPI, repair kits, shield kits, helpful items for your formation battles, high-end weapons, upgrade items for your high-end equipment, various capsules and much more!

Keep your eyes peeled!

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