AirRivals: rule the skies with your starter package!26.01.2012

  • You will begin your bold career with this item set. We have put together a package that will help you proceed: enjoy the regeneration capsules, lucky coins, scopes and a power level set, which helps you enormously in your progression.
  • At the current event you will need to keep your eyes peeled: the Vatallus alien race is sending a continuous stream of Espionage UFOs to Phillon – shoot them down before they can gather any information!
  • Pilot your aeroplane through a breathtaking 3D world. Get to know your Gear and equip it with the best upgrades. Improve your skills until you know your machine inside out and then show off your ability!
  • Select one of four Gear classes – from the versatile fighter to the heavily armoured battle jet. At the character creation menu you have the choice between the I-Gear (versatile fighter), B-Gear (all-rounder) M-Gear (close combat and support) and the A-Gear (tank). You can create up to three characters per server.
  • Survive dangerous missions and exciting adventures! Take command of your Gear in thrilling duels with enemy fighters, pit yourself against the members of your own nation or even deliver some bitter battles to the pilots on the other side. On top of that you can explore the absorbing instance system – fight against vicious monsters and fierce mammoth dragons!

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